App in a Week

Check us out in 5 days

Take your business to a new level with "App in a Week" from Developico - a 5-day workshop that will turn your ideas into reality.

What will WE do during “App in a Week”?

We will present a process for identifying business process improvements
We will demonstrate IT innovation (what your IT doesn't have time for)
We will demonstrate the possibilities of selected RPA, Automation, AI and No Code tools

What will YOUR ORGANIZATION get from “App in a Week”?

Analysis of Needs
Identify key areas through a simplified and cross-cutting analysis, focusing on the low-hanging fruit”.
Building an MVP
You will receive a prototype of a solution to improve the selected business process. It can be an app, automation or a bot. Effectiveness is what counts!
Business impact
From the day one we will focus on measurable outcomes of this cooperation. This means together with you we will form KPIs for the MVP and measure its potential outcomes (time, expenses or risk occurrence).

The workshop runs from Monday to Friday

Offline or online meetings

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